Dog walking leash sold online in Halifax

A new breed of leash is selling online in Nova Scotia for a low price.

The new leash is the first one in Canada that doesn’t have a collar.

It was designed by a dog walking specialist at a local dog park.

“It is very lightweight and it can be taken anywhere, and we think it will work really well with our pets and our family, whether it’s a child, a baby, an older person, or even if it’s an animal,” said Chris Chabot, owner of Chabots Pet Supplies.

Chabots says it has had several customers contact him for this product, but it’s now the only one on the market.

It’s also available for dogs, cats and ferrets.

Chabott says this is the safest way to carry your dog on leash, but he adds there are safety issues.

He says it can come in handy when you’re out on a hike, especially if you’re hiking in the bush, or just when you have a dog that needs a break.

Champagne Chaboteau, who is also a licensed dog walker, says the leash is also used by police and animal control officers.

Chavotes Pet Supplys website has over 20 reviews, many of them positive, with most of them praising the quality and the value of the product.

Chapel says he has used the leash for over 20 years, and it has always been reliable.

He says he thinks it’s safe to use, but adds it’s important to check your dog’s harness before you carry it.

“I’m glad that there are these safe alternatives, but I think it’s still a bit of a gray area, where you can carry it with you but not without some caution,” he said.

Chaquette says he doesn’t want to be responsible for the dog’s health and safety.

He believes the leash does a good job of keeping the dog safe, but says he still recommends it be used with caution.

He suggests you check your dogs harness to make sure it’s tight enough to prevent him from getting stuck or breaking a limb.

Chachet says you can also check the harness to see if it has any padding or padding in the leash that’s not tightly bunched around the dog.

Chace says you could also get a new harness if you don’t have access to a dog walkers.

He also recommends using a leash that has a collar that’s removable, like this one.

Chachat says this leash can be used in a number of different ways, and that’s why he’s selling it online.

He’s also offering a discount to dog walkners who order a dog leash with a collar in addition to their dog.

You can order a leash for $25 online or through the Chachat store.