When you think dog leash, think Minecraft leash

Dog owners across India have been debating whether to buy or rent a dog leash.

Many of the decisions that are being made around the country are about the safety of the animals involved.

India’s pet industry is booming, and the government wants to ensure that all of its citizens have a good quality of life.

The laws surrounding dog ownership in India are very much a game of chance.

This is the case across the country, and some dog owners are being told to either buy or to rent a leash to their dogs.

It is a controversial decision, as people are being put in a difficult situation by the decision to rent their dogs a leash.

While some people are saying that they would prefer to buy a leash, others are saying they will rent one to their dog.

This article has been updated to clarify the situation.

Read more: Dog leash laws across IndiaThe debate around buying or renting a dog a leash in India has been ongoing for the past couple of months, and has already led to several heated debates.

The country’s pet owners have been divided over the decision.

A woman named Rajesh and her dog were found in a state of distress on October 11, after she found her dog trapped in a tree in a village in the district of Bhairavi in West Bengal.

Rajesh, who is a senior lecturer in animal sciences at a public university, says that she had to take the dog to a rescue centre in Bengaluru on October 14. 

“I had to call the rescue centre because I was scared to come home.

My dog is a 10-year-old Dalit and I am afraid that the dog will bite me.

I had to pay Rs 30,000 ($2,000) for the dog and then to buy the leash,” Rajesh said.

Ranjit Das, a resident of a village near the rescue center, said that he was worried that the owner of the dog was going to take him away to a dog park.

Das said that the owners of the dogs were not doing anything wrong and were trying to help.

He said that it was not a matter of a few dogs getting away and he was not worried about the dog. 

After Rajesh called the rescue Centre and spoke to the rescue team, they took the dog home and brought it to the animal welfare centre. 

Rajash was told by the rescue that the animal was not in distress and would be taken back to the shelter.

“I told the owner that if the dog bites me, I will not pay Rs 20,000 and I will take it to a shelter where the owner will take care of the animal,” Das said. 

Das said that his dog would be brought to a sanctuary where it would be examined. 

According to the dog-owner, the dog’s owner would also have to pay the Rs 20.00 cost of the leash and the Rs 2.50 vet bill. 

The owner of an Indian-owned dog, who was not able to speak to The Times of India, said the owner has not been fined for his decision. 

However, there are reports of people who are refusing to rent or buy a dog the leash.

In fact, a local resident of the village, who refused to be named, said, “My dog was given a leash by the local dog owner who took him to a veterinary centre.

I was not even given a chance to make any objection.

My only worry is that the leash will get taken away. 

In another instance, a man in Kolkata, who asked not to be identified, said he was unhappy with the decision of the rescue facility to rent the dog a dog collar. 

 “It was only after I made an objection, that the rescue organisation gave the dog the collar,” he said.

He said that despite all the arguments and the fear of losing the dog, he had decided to rent it out.”

It is only for the safety and comfort of the owner.

I have been renting my dog for around 10 years.

I never thought that I would be put in such a difficult position, especially after my dog got bitten,” he told The Times Of India.