Top paw leash could cost £100 in UK

A UK Government plan to ban the sale of dog food could cost around £100 per dog, a survey has found.

The survey found the average price tag for a pet with a leash, dog food and the ability to track its owners across social media sites was £101.

Pet-loving UKers were more likely to purchase a dog-specific item than non-pet owners, according to the survey by Petco, the UK’s largest pet food seller.

The pet food industry is already lobbying to ban such products in the UK, citing a rise in the number of pet attacks in recent years.

Petco is already campaigning to ban a range of products from the industry, including biscuits and food, and a survey published last month found almost half of pet owners said they would not buy such products again in the future.

The Petco survey also found that around half of UK pet owners also have children.

The company said that it has a number of measures in place to help prevent dog bites and that these included training staff, providing dog-friendly litter boxes, and installing safety barriers in their buildings.

However, it also said that these measures would not make up for the lack of dog owners.

“We do not want to give our customers any more excuses than they already have about why they don’t want to buy dog food, we do not know what they want to eat and we are looking at other options,” Petco said in a statement.

The survey was conducted by the pet food company Petco as part of a project to measure how many pet owners have dog food in their homes and to measure the level of dog ownership in the country.

According to the Petco study, the average pet owner reported buying four or more dog food items and that a further 11 per cent had a dog tracker and 15 per cent were allowed to track their owners across the internet.

This means that the average Petco customer purchased about five pet food items worth around £3,400.

The average dog owner spent around £2,000 on dog food.

Pets that live with their owners on a regular basis reported buying between seven and 15 pet food products each.

About half of dog-owners who owned their own pets reported that they purchased more than 10 items.

About a third of dog and cat owners said that they were buying more than 20 items, according the Petcos survey.