Man’s leather leash goes viral on Facebook after his wife posts photos of him wearing it

A man in India has shared a photo of himself wearing a leather leash in the hope that it will inspire others to embrace the concept of a leash free living lifestyle.

The photo, taken on March 17, was shared by Manoj Kukathas, a resident of Palwal village in Bihar state, India, along with a link to a Facebook page that describes the concept.

Kukatha said that his wife, Sharmila, was inspired to post the photo on the page after reading an article on leash-free living by a local blogger.

Kulkarni Raman, the owner of the site, told Mashable the story of how his wife started to love the idea of the leash free lifestyle.

“She told me that she liked wearing a leash but was scared that people would say it was a bad thing,” Raman said.

“I then asked her to take a picture of her with her leash and posted it on our page.”

Kukakas said that when he went to his wife’s house, he asked her if she could bring the leash out.

Sharmila was shocked when she saw the leash and it made her smile.

She told him she liked the idea, and they were able to create a community around it.

Shapda Dholakia, the founder of The Leather Shack, which helps people build their own custom leather leash for themselves, said he was shocked by the viral hit.

“It has made me realize that I have a real passion for this,” Dholakia told Mashables.

“This is the first time a community of people with the idea to create their own leash has come together.

They are the first people to start creating this kind of thing.”

The idea of a “leash-free” lifestyle has gained traction in India recently as the country has seen a surge in cases of dog bites and death due to stray dogs.

Kuzhira Mukhopadhyay, a senior research fellow at the International Animal Rescue Group in Delhi, told The Times that leash- free living has become a hot topic in India.

“India is the only country in the world where it is still not a crime to keep a dog,” Mukhopade said.

“People are doing it because they want to.

It’s a matter of opinion.”

Mukhopade believes that India’s strict leash laws are a problem.

“People have taken a big leap in India to embrace this lifestyle,” he said.

In an interview with Mashable, Kukakawas said he has not yet tried out his new leather leash.

“My wife does not want to wear it.

I want to keep it in a safe place,” he told the publication.