How to Get a Dog on Your Leash

You can now get a dog on your leash, if you’re willing to try.

In a survey conducted by the National Geographic Society and the Association for the Study of Dog Behavior, about a quarter of dog owners surveyed reported having had a dog bite them.

“It’s the most common way people have been bitten, and it’s the safest way,” says Dr. Michael Fagan, the lead researcher on the survey.

“We also know that most dogs have a protective instinct and that they’ll try to protect their owner.”

The survey found that owners who had been bitten were significantly more likely to be female than those who had not.

Dogs are less likely to bite a person in the neck or abdomen if they have a strong protective instinct.

“In fact, when a person was bitten, a little over half of the owners would use the same technique to get the dog off the person’s neck,” says Fagan.

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