‘Won’t let the cat off leash’: Woman, 4, loses control of her dog after dog gets off leash

A dog’s owner was forced to make the dangerous decision to call 911 when a 4-year-old girl lost control of the dog, who got off leash after a child walked off the leash.

The incident occurred Friday night when the girl and her family were watching TV on their couch in the family’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.

A neighbor had dropped her dog off for a walk, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The child walked to the other side of the house and then went back to the couch, according the paper.

The girl ran to her car and told her mother what had happened.

She told her that the dog was getting off leash and ran back to her mother’s car, the newspaper reported.

A neighbor reported that the child had a dog leash and the family decided to keep the child off leash as they watched TV, according an account from the newspaper.

The neighbor said that the girl had been playing with the dog and the child left the house, and the dog went after her.

The child ran back home, but the child’s mother called 911 and the girl called 911 again, the paper said.

The dog was eventually taken to a shelter, where the child was reunited with her mother.

The dog was in a cage, and there were no injuries, according Seattle Fire Department spokeswoman Kelli Smith said.