Why do people have retractable leash on their dogs?

Posted by TechCrunch on Monday, September 26, 2018 12:00:29Zippy paws has released a new leash that retracts when a dog goes to the bathroom.

The leash can be used for short-term and long-term situations, but its main function is to make your dog feel safe and secure while he’s at the bathroom and out in public.

Zippy has partnered with PetSafe to sell the retractable Zippy paws.

The pet food giant partnered with Zippy to design and manufacture the leash.

The company says the retractability of the leash gives the dog a better “seats position” than an ordinary leash. 

It’s not the first retractable dog leash to hit the market.

Zippy’s Zippy leash has been around for a while, but the new leash comes with some important new features.

First, the leash doesn’t come with any buttons on the side of the dog.

Instead, you have to hold the leash by its leash cord with one hand and push it down.

This allows the leash to feel secure when you’re in public or when you want to remove it. 

The leash also retracts if the dog goes down the toilet, but only if the leash cord is still attached. 

Zippy says the leash has no weight or pressure attached, so it’s very easy to move your dog. 

You can also place the leash around your neck or on your belt, or attach it to the dog’s collar. 

If you want your dog to stand up straight when you go to the restroom, Zippy recommends placing the leash on the top of his harness.

Zippys new leash will be available in four colors: blue, orange, pink and white. 

On Zippy’s website, you can order the leash for just $99.99.

The Zippy brand also offers an online store where you can get the leash, but there is no shipping charge. 

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