Which dog leash is right for your dog?

Posted by News.au on Monday, December 21, 2018 04:59:48A pair of shark-leash watchdogs are ready for the weekend.

Dog owners in Queensland and NSW will soon be able to get their paws on the latest and greatest in canine technology.

A pair are being produced by Queensland based dog trainer Robson’s in the hope of helping dogs keep their pooches safe during their adventures with people and dogs alike.

The duo of shark and leash dogs are called Monkey and Shark, and are currently in production.

They’re available from Robson, which is based in Brisbane, and have a price tag of $1295.

Dog trainers in the Sunshine Coast city have been keen to get them in stock, and Robson is one of the few producers to offer them.

The pair of sharks are made from carbon fibre and a special mesh material that protects the dogs.

They have a pair of locking jaws, which are attached to the leash, and a retractable leash that’s also retractable.

The leash is adjustable for a wide range of sizes and styles.

They come in a range of colours and designs, including red, yellow and orange.

If you’re in the mood for a new toy for your pet, check out the Monkey and the Shark.

They also come with a special warning tag, which warns you if your dog gets in trouble.

The shark and dog are being made in a factory in Queensland, and can be ordered online from Robs.com by calling 1800 926 536.

If your dog is looking for a dog leash and you want to know more, read on.

Read moreDog owners who want to buy a Shark or Monkey leash from Rob Smiths in Brisbane can do so through the company’s website, Robsons.co.qld.

A Dog Trainer is a dog trainer who specialises in dog-specific exercises.

“The Dog Trainer works closely with the owners and provides the knowledge and tools that are needed to help keep their dogs healthy,” a company statement said.

“Our team of dog trainers are trained to provide the most effective and accurate training and education to ensure a safe and enjoyable working relationship between the owner and their dog.”

When it comes to the safety of our animals, we are committed to our responsibility to protect our dogs from all forms of danger.

“In NSW, dog trainers can now order their shark and monkey leash from the Rabbit Hut at Hobart’s Flemington Station, which charges a $99.99 deposit.

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