How to prevent dog bites at a festival

Dog bite prevention tips for festivals, carnivals and events in Australia are coming under scrutiny after a man was left paralysed in a dog attack in Melbourne.

The man, aged between 45 and 49, was walking his dog around a picnic area when he was attacked by a large black dog, the ABC reported.

Police were called to the picnic area at the weekend and found the man paralysed on the ground.

He later died in hospital.

Authorities said the dog was a Staffordshire bull terrier mix named Bong and that the dog owner had not been arrested.

Carnivals, festivals and events, which include dog festivals, have long been known for their high number of attacks, with police saying there have been more than 300 since 2006.

However, a study by researchers from the University of Western Australia in 2015 suggested dog bites were becoming less common, with just 15 per cent of attacks reported in 2015.

Animal rights groups have also raised concerns that dog owners are being encouraged to allow their pets to roam and play, which could lead to increased attacks.

They also said the dogs are often left unattended at festivals, where it is common to find people with dogs.

“A number of events have been held over the last few years where dogs have been left unattached to the public at festival events, and these are often the same events where the worst dog attacks happen,” Victoria’s Animal Welfare Commission’s chief executive, John Smith, told the ABC.

This article first appeared on ABC News.