How to make your own leash clip for your dog

You can find your favorite leash clip at most hardware stores, but it’s hard to find one that doesn’t come with a warning sticker that says, “WARNING: This leash clip is made from Paracord.

Paracords are a toxic and potentially deadly material that is extremely difficult to clean.”

If you have a leash that you can’t find a warning label on, the next best thing to try is to use a homemade leash clip.

Here are some tips to make this homemade leash-clip trick easier.


Pick a color: Paracorps are a light blue that’s available in many colors.

You can make your favorite color by adding one more color to the mix: brown, black, yellow, or green.


Add the leash to the base: Paracentorps attach to any base of a leash.

If you want your leash to hang at the end of your hand, it’s easier to attach it to the end with a piece of nylon, such as a cord, than to attach to the neck of your dog.

If your leash doesn’t hang at all, you can add some weight to it with some padding or a cord.


Make sure it’s not too long: You don’t want to have a long leash, because it might be too long to keep your dog from reaching for the leash.

Try to make the leash so that it’s no longer than your dog’s hand, so it doesn’t stretch out when you’re holding it. 4.

Choose a color and a size: When choosing a leash clip, choose a color that matches your dog and size.

When choosing the size of your leash clip to be used with your dog, you’ll want to choose the size that you’d use with your other leash, such a large one for a smaller dog.

You could also try to find a large leash clip with a small enough base to use with a large dog, like the one shown above.


Pick the color that fits your dog: To make sure your leash is comfortable for your dogs, you might also want to check out a color you like and compare it to a color on Amazon.

A great color for your leash can be found on Amazon, where you can get an assortment of different colors for your various dogs.