Dogs and dogs, dog leash on leash – what you need to know

The dog leash is the first thing to know when you’re planning a visit to a pet store.

A dog leash and leash accessories are necessary for many animals and pets.

The dog’s owner is responsible for the safety of their pet.

If your pet is on a leash and needs to be left unattended for a prolonged period of time, please ensure that your pet has appropriate footwear, a leash cover and a leash cord with appropriate harness size and size markings.

It is recommended that you check the dog’s body condition before you leave your pet.

Dogs can be left to sit, lie or play unattended at home.

If you are unsure whether a dog should be left on a dog leash at home, you can check the conditions of your pet at home and then contact your veterinarian to determine the proper time to take your pet to a vet clinic.