Apple announces iPhone X, 4K and 4K HDR, 5-inch Apple TV, Apple Pay and more

Apple announced a slew of new products today, including the iPhone X (which comes in four colors), the Apple Watch Series 3, a new iPhone XS and the new Apple TV.

The most interesting thing about today’s announcements is the Apple TV: Apple is now offering 4K TV service for $59.99 per month, a $100 discount off the $159.99 Apple TV bundle offered last year.

The new Apple Watch is coming soon.

The biggest announcement of the day was Apple Pay, which lets you pay for a $10 bill with a phone, iPad, or Mac.

Apple’s NFC-based payment system lets you scan a QR code and the transaction will be automatically transferred to your Apple Watch, even when you’re not using it.

This allows you to make purchases with just your phone and Apple Watch.

Apple’s payment system has its limitations, though, so Apple Pay is currently limited to the Apple Store.

This means that the only place you can buy and pay for things like Apple Music, AirPods, and more is at Apple Stores.

The company says this is due to a number of factors, including security issues and a lack of consumer acceptance.

The company also revealed new devices that will be released this fall.

The iMac Pro and iMac are both expected to come with Retina displays, along with the Apple Pencil and AirPilot.

The Pencil is a new pen with Apple Pen support, while the AirPig is a digital camera for taking video and photos.

Apple says the Airpilot is “the world’s first true, real-time flight control app for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Mac Pro.”

The new Apple EarPods and Apple Music are both coming to the EarPod app on Apple TV starting in March.

Apple also announced its first ever iMovie app, which will let you stream and share clips from movies and TV shows.

Apple Music will also be available to download for free on Apple devices, as well as on other streaming services.

Finally, Apple says that Apple Pay will soon become available in the UK.

It’ll be available in Apple stores on May 24.