When you think ‘interior dog’ you’re thinking of: ‘An interior dog leash’

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your pet will do when you put your dog in a situation where it can’t run away, you might want to consider looking into an interior dog leash.

A new breed of pet leash has been created by a company in the United Kingdom and features a unique collar that’s able to detect when the pet is in a different place.

The collar can be configured to detect an animal’s location on the ground, the ceiling, a chair, a table, or even an open door.

And unlike a regular collar, the interior dog collar is able to pick up any movement of the pet.

A spokesperson for the company, which sells its product in a variety of styles and colors, said they’ve seen a huge amount of interest in the product from pet owners in the UK.

And they’ve even been asked to design new products for their customers.

The company has even set up a website where people can download the collar and learn more about it.

The product’s a little less than $100, which is a bit more expensive than most other leash options.

But it’s not the only new collar option out there, so keep your eyes peeled.