When dog owner says dog needs leash to escape, k9 has to help

LAS VEGAS — When K9 Lifeline owner Amy Boudreau found her dog Landon running loose, she knew something was wrong.

“It’s not good,” she said.

“I’ve seen a lot of dog walkers go through what I’m going through.”

The dog has a history of problems.

In 2012, Landon was shot twice and was euthanized.

A month later, a dog owner reported a dog walking along a trail, which led to the dog attacking a car.

Landon’s owners decided to let Landon walk on his own leash.

Boudreau has a large black Labrador with her two other dogs, a German shepherd and a Pomeranian.

Laughlin is one of her dogs.

She’s a trained guide dog and she’s been with Boudrier for about three years.

Laughlin has been on Boudrie’s leash since 2013, Boudiere said.

Boudrerie has been with the dog for about 10 years.

Broure said she had seen other dogs walk on the leash, but this was the first time they had a dog walker that was trained to take care of them.

“She’s trained for the dog and knows when to stop it,” Boudriere said.

“She’s got a good instinct.”

Boudreier said Laughlin had never bitten a person.

“He was never violent toward anybody,” she explained.

“It was just the fact that he didn’t need to be tethered to a leash that was a little bit scary to me.”

Laughlin is not aggressive or aggressive toward other dogs.

Baudreau said she was surprised when the dog started attacking a deer and her dog was attacked by a squirrel.

She said she contacted animal control.

She says she was told the dogs owners were on the wrong side of town.

The owners were charged with animal cruelty and trespassing and the case is still pending.

Bodreau says she hopes the dog’s owner will have a conversation with Broureau and Boudère.

She said she’s glad the dog is not hurt.