When a dog leash goes to jail

Metal dog leash is the newest technology that could end up in the jail cells of people around the world.

In the United States, the technology is already in use in some states.

But it is being used for other crimes, and some states are now considering requiring that it be removed from the streets.

The technology, first introduced by Japanese company Kyocera in 2014, has already been used in many U.S. cities.

It works by tethering to a leash, and attaching it to a person’s collar and hand.

It then allows a person to be in close proximity with the dog.

When a person does something, the dog’s collar vibrates.

If the person is wearing a metal dog collar, they can feel the dog leash’s vibrations as they walk by, the Associated Press reports.

The vibrations trigger a safety alarm and prevent the dog from chasing people.

But the new technology, known as a ‘tether’ or ‘paddleboard,’ also has the potential to go to jail.

It allows people to be handcuffed to a chair, for example, without the need for handcuffs.

The idea behind tethering is to let people get away from a dangerous situation while still keeping the person safe, but that could cause a safety hazard.

The device can also cause a person or dog to become entangled with a rope or other object, according to the AP.

In California, a court ordered that the tether ban be lifted from the city of Los Angeles in December.

The ban was lifted after an appeals court ruled that tethers were not a public nuisance.