New guidelines for animal control after parrot bite

Australian financial media outlets are reporting that New South Wales will ban parrots from the state’s parks and reserve areas in the wake of the fatal parrot attack.

The ABC reports that the new rules will be introduced later this year.

Parrots are the most common wild animal in New South Welsh parks and reserves, but there are also some areas where they can be controlled.

The ABC reported last month that NSW had introduced an order that bans the use of any “non-collared” parrot in parks and protected areas.

The Australian Parrot Owners Association said in a statement that it was “very disappointed” with the decision.

“While we appreciate that this decision is aimed at protecting the health and welfare of wild birds in New Zealand, we are disappointed to learn that New Zealand has taken this extreme measure and is now banning parrots in their parks,” the association said.

“This ban on parrots is also a breach of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Birds, which prohibits the destruction of animals that are deemed to be at risk of extinction.”

Parrots do not need protection, they do not belong in the wild, and they have been used by wildlife to study how to best manage their habitats.

“The ABC has not yet been able to independently confirm the ABC report.

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