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The latest on the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn a ban on dog-walking bans, including one in San Francisco article The Latest on a US Supreme court ruling to overturn the ban on animal-assisted walking bans, which include one in Santa Clara County, California (all times local):12:25 p.m.

President Donald Trump is expected to make his first official visit to San Francisco as president, marking his first trip outside the country since being sworn in.

Trump is scheduled to hold a press conference with the mayors of San Francisco and Santa Clara on Friday afternoon.

Trump’s visit comes as the country grapples with a series of new restrictions and protests over the past several months.

Amber Lynn Williams, president of the Humane Society of the United States, said she was “truly delighted” that Trump would visit the city, which has been hit by a series that has seen protests, demonstrations and violent acts by animal rights protesters.

Trump will arrive at the city’s airport, where he will meet with the city mayor, and will meet city councilmembers, police and firefighters.

He will hold a roundtable with San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr and city leaders, and the two will have a private dinner with city officials.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee told The Associated Press that he was looking forward to meeting Trump and the other mayors.

Trump will also be meeting with police, who have been critical of protesters who have blocked access to police headquarters and blocked traffic, while other protesters have clashed with police officers and the public.

Lee said he expects the president to call for the reinstatement of the citywide ban on street dog walking.

He said he believes the ban is working and that it is preventing some of the damage that has been done by the protests.

The city has a dog-walk ban on sidewalks, bike lanes and on private property.

It has also banned walking on the public sidewalk in downtown San Francisco.