Which service dog is right for your dog?

The Times India news portal has announced that it will soon launch a new article which will help you choose a service dog for your pet.

It will be launched in the coming weeks.

The article will provide detailed information about a service animal and will ask you to consider the following questions:Do you have a dog that is very calm?

Do you like to run and jump?

Do your pets have trouble standing up or sitting down?

Do the dogs bark at people?

Do they jump in the air and chase after you?

Do their owners take them to places where there are no dogs?

Do a lot of people in India have pets?

If yes, which service dog should I get?

The service dog article will be based on the following sections:• The dog is a service member.

It is trained to be able to provide security, medical care, and the ability to walk and play.

The dog will be able sit, stand, run, and jump.• The service dog must be comfortable and calm.• A service dog cannot be overly trained.• It must be able be harnessed and can be ridden in your car.• There must be a physical limitation.• Service dogs must be of good health.