When a man slips his leash on a child, you better be ready to snap

Posted February 04, 2018 11:21:14When a man walks on a leash in a public place, the law is a little bit different.

The Alberta Justice Ministry says you’re required to “immediately remove your animal(s) from the roadway, unless necessary for your safety or that of others.”

You must use the leash to walk around your pet, and if you do that, you have to let the animal out.

The law says that if a child is on the leash, the child is responsible for not touching the child’s leash and you have the right to keep the child on the dog leash.

The province also has a few rules for children.

If you’re not sure what your child is allowed to do, call the local police.

There are some things that will get you off the leash quickly:You don’t have to put your dog on the ground if you’re just walking it.

You can leave it behind and it will keep the dog safe.

You can only keep your dog in your house when you’re at home.

If you leave it in a locked box or container, it will remain there.

If it’s on a dog walker’s property, the dog will have to be left on a fence or a leash.

If a dog has an illness, the person who has the responsibility for the dog must make sure it’s vaccinated.

If there’s no health care provider, it can be a little more difficult.