What is the Mendota leashing system?

By Michelle PembertonPublished September 11, 2018 07:55:12When the dog leash holder is used with the Mendosis dog leash, a leash is attached to the dog’s body and secured to a collar that has a harness on it, so the dog can be securely tied down and secured with the collar.

The harness is attached on both sides of the dog.

The Mendosis leash is designed to protect dogs from getting tangled in people’s hair, which can be extremely annoying for dogs.

If a dog is not used with a leash and the dog does get tangled in someone’s hair and then a person walks over and bites the dog, the dog will not be able to escape.

The dog leash is also designed to help prevent dogs from biting people or other dogs.

The leash can also be used to secure a dog to a tree limb or a wall.

When the Mendoses dog is being restrained, the leash can be pulled back to protect the dog from getting injured while being restrained.

The harness is secured with an elastic band on the end of the leash and is made of durable material.

The elastic band is attached directly to the collar so that the leash is securely attached.

The collar also has an elastic strap that is attached in an adjustable position to keep the leash from slipping or breaking during use.