Two dogs get leash and leash leash collars on their collar to deter theft

Dual-legged parakeets and a pair of dog collars are on their way to a city of more than 4 million people in India.

The two dogs were adopted from a shelter and are now on their third owner, after they were rescued from the wild.

The dog collar was bought by a couple in the village of Dhananjaya, a town in northern India, in the fall of 2014.

When the pair arrived at the shelter, they were already suffering from fleas, which were getting worse.

But the couple said that after getting their first leash in October 2015, they started to notice that they could no longer take the dog out of the shelter because it was being used for hunting.

The owners then got an eye for the dog collar and bought it.

The first collar, made of a black-and-white nylon mesh, is about 2 inches (5 centimeters) long and has a plastic strap attached to its base.

At the time, Dhanans owner said that he wanted to make sure that the collar would not attract fleas because it is a very popular item in the community.

According to the owners, the collar is used to tag and track poachers and smugglers who are trying to fleece villagers by killing the dogs and then taking their possessions.

In recent months, more and more poachers have started using the collar to tag other animals.

The owners say that this is one of the reasons why they started the program.

“The collar is a great thing, but we need to make it a part of the village’s infrastructure,” said Ankit, a resident of Dharampur village.

Dhananjanas people have a number of other reasons for adopting a collar, including that the animals do not require any vaccinations.

A few months ago, the owners bought another one of their dogs, a large greyhound, and have been using it to tag poachers who had been killing dogs and stealing their property.

They say that the dog was adopted because of its good manners and ability to sniff out the scent of dogs, and they were also glad that the owner had a dog with such a good temperament.

Ankit and his wife say that their dog is a loyal companion, but he is also a bit rough around the edges.

He has a habit of jumping at people, biting and biting at others.

He has been shot at and his collar was broken several times by people.

The owner says that he did not want to risk the dog’s life by trying to chase the criminals away.

Despite the good things about the collar, the owner is wary about using it for hunting anymore.

It is not easy to catch criminals using the collars.

They are used primarily for tracking the movements of poachers.

They need to be worn and removed regularly for their health, safety and well-being, the dog trainer told NBC News.