Hedgehog leash makes dogs jump higher

A New York City hedgehog, whose owner says it helped her overcome her PTSD, has become a popular pet for pet owners and rescuers.

A photo of the new dog, which is named Harley, went viral on Instagram after it was shared on social media and by other vets and rescues.

“He’s a very happy, happy dog.

He’s a big boy,” said Ashley.

“We were looking for someone to come out and take him home and train him, and Harley is a great addition to the family.”

The dog is a rescue and rescue-only dog.

Ashley has a six-year-old pit bull mix, Harley, who has been training with her for a couple of months.

She said Harley can jump as high as 16 feet (5.5 meters).

She said she doesn’t know why she decided to take the dog.

“It just started out as a fun thing to do, and we were just having a blast,” Ashley said.

“When I got to the vet, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

She was so calm and well behaved.”

The owner said she was inspired to take a look at the dog after seeing the photo of Harley with a friend.

“I was like, wow, this is awesome,” Ashley explained.

“So I thought, let’s see how many other dogs would do this.

I got in contact with a couple other vets that also had dogs and I was like okay, this has to be something worth doing.””

I’m not really looking for any recognition for this, but it was really inspiring to me that someone had actually been able to do this.”

A post shared by Ashley Muth (@ashleymuth) on Apr 26, 2018 at 9:30am PDT”I just love him so much,” Ashley continued.

“He’s just been my baby and now he’s got his own family and he’s a part of my life.

It’s really been a blast.

He really enjoys it.”

Ashley and her husband, Ryan, said they hope to bring the hedgehog back to New York.

They hope the dog will inspire other people to take their pets.