Cats can now use petco leash in petco petco store

Cats can no longer use pet coords in petcos petco stores.

The petco company says the change is aimed at making sure the animals don’t get hurt, but that may not be true.

“If we were to implement this, we would be putting cats in the petco locations that we’re using for the store,” said David Hickey, chief operating officer of petco.

“But, it’s still a matter of safety.

If it becomes an issue, we’ll take action to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Petco has about 4,200 pet stores in the U.S. and Canada.

Hickey says the company is working on a new product that will allow the animals to be transported in a crate instead of the pet coordinator.

The company has also made changes to how pets are checked at petco, including requiring pets to be checked for fleas and ticks, a policy it says has prevented “cat and dog fights” in pet co locations.

Hiercies spokesperson Jennifer Fong said the company also is working with petco on a product that would allow pets to interact with each other, but couldn’t provide a release date for the product.