Texas law allows owners of big dogs to carry more than one leash at a time

BY JEFFREY COLEMAN | [email protected] Texas has a leash law, but it is for small dogs only.

Now, that could change, thanks to a bill being debated by the state House.

Texas has a small dog leash law for small-dog owners, which is a little different from the one that lets owners of large dogs carry one.

The law allows a small, small-pet-friendly dog to carry up to two small-friendly dogs.

The state allows owners to have up to four dogs, though it is unclear if the bill will change that limit.

The bill passed the House by a voice vote on Wednesday and is now headed to the Senate.

The bill has drawn criticism from some pet owners, who say the law would mean that owners of small dogs would be required to buy more expensive pet-friendly pet-leash systems, such as those sold by Bunnings and Spar.

It also has sparked criticism from other pet owners who say that the law is a big step backward.

Pet owners say they will not buy expensive pet friendly dog-leashes unless the bill allows them to.

Bunning spokesman Ryan Johnson told the Dallas Morning News that Texas law requires that owners must pay a pet-rehabilitation fee, which he said is $25 a day.

Johnson said the company will pay the fee but declined to say how much.

Spar spokesman Steve McVay said the pet-resistant leash system is the same as what we offer to our customers, but he said the law allows them more freedom in what they choose to use.

Sparky is a small two-week-old Labrador mix that had his collar broken by a dog that bit him and injured his leg, the company said in a statement to The Associated Press.

He is recovering at home.

Spy is the company’s service dog, a small service dog that is trained to alert other service dogs in a small area.

The law also allows owners who have multiple dogs to bring one small dog, or one small pet, along with them on their property, McVays said.

He said Sparky and Spam can carry two small dogs.

The Texas law also requires owners of a pet to report the presence of the pet to the state.

Spar said the rule applies to both service dogs and pets.

The dog-specific reporting requirement is for owners of service dogs, but not for pet owners.